Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Buy Giftcards at

SHOP.COM (, the destination online marketplace where consumers enjoy one-stop shopping from thousands of trusted brands using a single account, today announced that Channel Intelligence, Inc., has been certified to provide product data integration services on behalf of its merchants and improve the quality of their offerings on SHOP.COM. Channel Intelligence, a Florida-based commerce data interchange services company, is a certified member of SHOP.COM's Data Feed Provider Program, an initiative to create industry standards for data integration and ensure better presentations of merchants' offerings online.

With the cost of gas doubling over the past few years, inflation on our heels and the growth in family reunion attendance, it makes sense to offset the growing cost of gift giving. Thus the growing popularity of gift cards. But how do you shop for the right one?remember buy giftcards at

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Monday, November 02, 2009

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best business opportunities, luxury house

For Sale luxury house - FULLY FURNISH best opportunities and investment opportunities, suitable for office, room for rent,business, international school, etc.

Address at Jl duren 3 selatan 7 no 25 Warung buncit jakarta selatan.
Its a luxury house and comfortable ,always giving income every months.
Its about 1000m2 land and 950m2 building , at strategic sorrounding big plant, fresh air, near apartment, supermarket, JMC hospital, Gym, bilyard and room for office space .
Its got lot of plants, beautiful flowers, swimming pool , mango plant, apel plant produce fruit nonstop, jambu bangkok, harum manis, mango golek, simanalagi mango, jambu air, and rambutan.
Spesification :
-Certificate original from owner
-High quality materials : marble, nature stone and roof, door, windows, use camper woods
-Quality roof hold by camper woods, strong and stay longer.
-At the back use cement for the roof, for room for rent.
-Design building and interior uniq and estetis. Windows, made from alumunium, strong enough, anticorrosion.
-23 bed room spacious. Every bedroom have own kitchen, air condition, refrigerator,table, chair, wardrobe,bedcover, bathroom with hot and cold water.
-19 Kitchen set.
-Family room spacious with high roof. Good air sirculation, swimming pool with beautiful decoration back yard.
-Garage and crport for 17 car can go through front gate, there are 2 gate.
-Electric capacity 22.000 watt
-2 water tank with 3 water pump machine.

Its all Offer 9000.000.000 rupiah, full furnish, price negotiable.
There are business rent is running now, with income 70 million/months Rupiah

internet access for all bedroom and all room diseluruh kamar dan ruangan
For serious buyers contact : Tommy 62312334, 08151666645 for meeting arrangement.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Life Insurance from

The advantagetermlife is an insurance company that offers a wide range of insurance policy. It has an online insurance policy were you could read the terms and conditions. Such type of online insurance policy not only saves our precious time but also save money on insurance. By understanding more about policy, you could save money in insurance and reduce premiums as it provides the affordable insurance term rates for your families.

Whole life insurance is a type of insurance that provides you with coverage for your entire life. Although this is typically more expensive than cheaper term insurance, the premiums on these do not increase over time and they do not expire.The Life family plan premium family insurance is the ideal way to cover your family's future, which is a whole life policy, and also if you are a business owner then you can provide insurance to your employee from Employee Benefit package which is a corporate insurance plan for employee. In addition, whole life plans build a cash value over time. As such, you can actually cash in on your whole coverage at some point in your life if you need to acquire some emergency funds before your death actually occurs. Or, you can cash in on the value if you decided to cancel your policy at a later date.

If you are looking for family insurance, then advantagetermlife is the right place for you. They also offers the right policy to meet the needs of you and your loved ones. Life insurance is designed to protect your family and others who depend on you for financial support. With an insurance quote service, you can compare many different policies all at once in order to make your final decision and select the company and policy you wish to purchase. This program will reimburse you with all your premiums. On the other hand, cash back life insurance stays in effect for as long as your choose, usually until death.

So what are you waiting for....!
just contact them and protect yourself and your family's future Advantagetermlife

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now Everything its expensive!

You know when the Crisis come, and the oil/petrol price going up, the currency of any money from diferent country goes up and down.
This is more likely we can say its world economic Crisis.
5 years ago when i have Us$100 , i can buy a lot for my needs or anything for my family. Now Us$100 its nothing, Every product and service going up and up, not my income, because my income just not high but steady and its mean not enough for family.
I hope i can manage everything, and going to plan join internet business to get more money. But when we search at lots of internet business.
In the mean time, I look the title dapatIncome, means you will get money, i'm sure i will get the money from internet. So i join its nice thet i saw the advertisement of dapat, we can get lots of bonus and script for making a website for making money of my own. Not that all we can get commision from getting referral, the first downline we will get 100.000 rupiah. Its good for starter.
If we can get 200 downline at the first level , we can get bonus Motorcyle from Honda City sport, or if you only get 50 referrel get the laptop from Acer.

Wow I hope i will get Motor Cycle from Honda City sport and get Real Passive Income.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The best trade show booths and exhibit booth.

Camelback Displays Inc.™ is a one-stop shop for factory priced trade show displays, exhibits and tradeshow booths.
Before we promote the product at the exhibition, we should design the exhibit booth.
exactly match with the product and peolple will easy and comportable to see the product or anything that your company offer at the exhibition.
At offer the largest variety of tradeshow displays on the market with many custom options. have every type of trade show displays made today! From table-tops to island exhibits, from pop-ups & panel systems to hybrid systems.

Lots of custom options & custom designs available for practically any truss display need. From weight bearing concert truss & beautiful exhibit truss to store fixtures & architectural decor, Camelback has truss that will meet your requirements. can design and make decoration of your exhibit booth with many extras such as truss, trade show flooring, banner stands, directors chairs, light boxes, exhibit counters & cabinets, literature Holders, trade show furniture, booth pipe & drape , table covers, exhibit graphics and more.

you could browse the online catalog of portable trade show exhibits, graphics, banner stands, truss displays, directors chairs & all types of exhibit furniture, table skirt, flooring .

it's better to give the expert, like to design and decor your trade show booths.
WOW!! Get seen -- get paid! You can now get paid to drive your car, wear T-shirts, and more! Just join the EyeEarn Advertising Network and start earning money effortlessly while you go about your day! It's fun, easy, and no experience is necessary!