Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now Everything its expensive!

You know when the Crisis come, and the oil/petrol price going up, the currency of any money from diferent country goes up and down.
This is more likely we can say its world economic Crisis.
5 years ago when i have Us$100 , i can buy a lot for my needs or anything for my family. Now Us$100 its nothing, Every product and service going up and up, not my income, because my income just not high but steady and its mean not enough for family.
I hope i can manage everything, and going to plan join internet business to get more money. But when we search at lots of internet business.
In the mean time, I look the title dapatIncome, means you will get money, i'm sure i will get the money from internet. So i join its nice thet i saw the advertisement of dapat, we can get lots of bonus and script for making a website for making money of my own. Not that all we can get commision from getting referral, the first downline we will get 100.000 rupiah. Its good for starter.
If we can get 200 downline at the first level , we can get bonus Motorcyle from Honda City sport, or if you only get 50 referrel get the laptop from Acer.

Wow I hope i will get Motor Cycle from Honda City sport and get Real Passive Income.


Ramadana said...

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Tommy said...

hallo ramadana iya uang bukan segalanya, yuk kita bisnis online.

Patrice said...

Halo.... salam kenal Mas Tommy,
punya Mesin uang Internet sendiri adalah keinginan semua pebisnis internet.

It is the nice blog. You bring to me the inspiration about how to make money...
I ask to you for link exchange. I think my blog content is similiar to yours. Come and put a comment for that.

thank a lot


Gillian24 UK said...

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jaya said...

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